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Corporate Philosophy and Basic Rules

Merchbanc is a Financial Group, founded in 1981, specialized in portfolio management and financial advice. 

Merchbanc offers its clients tailor-made advice and investment solutions, seeking the best optimization of the existing alternatives and resources.  

Since its inception, Merchbanc always tends to their clients’ needs and establishes solid, long term relationships with them. 

Since the very beginning, MERCHBANC has followed a set of basic rules which preside over every relationship, helping it win not only prestige, but also its clients’ trust. This has significantly contributed to Merchbanc’s position as one of the countries’ most recognized portfolio management companies.

These basic rules have been and will always be:

  • Give priority to the client’s interest.
  • Independent management.
  • Focus on portfolio management.
  • International diversification.
  • Long term approach to portfolio management.
  • Advice tailored to each client.