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Description and characteristics of service: 

MERCHBANC offers mutual fund portfolio management to its clients. Mutual funds are the most appropriate vehicle for channeling investments in the medium and long term.

The added value of this service lies not only in the selection of the best funds, but also in the selection of the best moment for their inclusion or removal from a portfolio.

For the adaptation and customization of the portfolio to the needs of its customers MERCHBANC has defined four profile models: 

- Prudent Profile
- Balanced Profile
- Dynamic Profile
- Growth Profile

Each one of these portfolios will have a maximum percentage of the investment in equities.

The funds that Merchbanc includes in these portfolios are those managed by Merchbanc and a selection of funds from renowned international managers.

Investment planning is continuous; in order to achieve the investor’s goals one cannot improvise.



MERCHBANC has extensive experience in giving financial advice and managing assets.  More than 30 years of service and numerous national and international awards endorse our management. 


Investment funds are the best instruments for a diversified portfolio regardless of the level of investment.
There are tax advantages for individuals.

  • There is the possibility of restructuring the investment without incurring tax at all times. Switches between collective investment institutions, whether the funds are domiciled in Spain or registered SICAVs with more than 500 shareholders, allow the investment’s seniority to be kept and taxes will not be paid on capital gains.
  • In turn, the fiscal cost for reimbursement is very low and lower than other investment alternatives. This is particularly interesting in the case of the investor who wishes to obtain regular income from the assets invested in collective investment institutions.
Who is this service for? : 

The portfolio management service is aimed at individuals or legal entities that seek proper asset diversification with excellent prospects for increases in value.

Active management of the investment portfolio gives great added value and better results at the medium and long term.

Given the characteristics of some of the investment funds included in the model portfolios, and in order to make a correct diversification of investments, the minimum amount invested should be 200,000 euros.

The fund portfolio management service has a success fee of 10% of the annual revaluation that the client obtains on the portfolio.

Types of profiles: 

MERCHBANC has defined four portfolio models depending on the risk level and volatility that the client wishes to assume.

The currency has been considered and the maximum percentage of the unhedged currency, other than the euro.

You will find the characteristics of the portfolio models below:



Until 25%

Renta variable 25%

Capital preservation  without giving up
its growth

Until 40%

Renta variable 40%

Capital appreciation
without taking on
excessive risk


Until 60%

Renta variable 60%

Capital appreciation
assuming a greater


Until 80%

Renta variable 80%

Capital growth
regardless of oscillations
in the short term in exchange
for a higher return