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In compliance with the " Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal" regarding privacy and personal data protection, we would like to inform you that the personal data you provide us in your application, will be compiled into a database that will be shared with the corporations within the Group. By providing such information, you allow the companies of the Group to analyze and utilize the data in order to serve you better.
Unless otherwise stated by you, the data provided will be shared amongst entities within the Group, in order to provide you better personalized financial advisory service.
In addition, the personal data that you provide through the Newsletter subscription will be compiled into a database managed by Merchbolsa A.V., S.A. The database will be used for the distribution of the Newsletter as well as any other related corporate communications.
The custodian of the database will maintain complete and updated records to the best of his ability. It will insure confidentiality by not allowing the use of the data for any other purpose than the abovementioned.
We would like to remind you that under your privacy rights, you are entitled to add, remove, or modify any of your personal information in our database. To do so, please contact us by mail at MERCHBANC, calle Diputación, 279 - 08007 BARCELONA, SPAIN.