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YTD Return. 2018
7.166 €
Net Asset Value
465 €
Fund Net Assets
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    As of 12-31-2018

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    As of 12-31-2018

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    As of 12-31-2018

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Investment policy

FONTALENTO FI is a global mixed mutual fund. The Fund invests in fixed income securities and equities all over the world and more particulary in OECD countries and in all currencies. The Fund´s investments in equities will oscillate between 0% and 60% at all times, being the rest of the portfolio invested in fixed income securities and money market instruments. The exposition to currency risk will be between 0% and 100%.

The objective of the fund is to seek medium term capital appreciation through a mix of investments in equities and other financial instruments.

Investors should have a medium term approach to the investment in this Fund and they must accept and assume the risk that the Fund´s investment policy entails.

General information

Cumulative Fund
Base currency: 
Minimum investment: 
300,000.00 euros
ISIN code: 
Fund’s bank account number: 
ES11 0144-0001-33-0000052472
Name of account: 
Constitution date: 
Investment policy
Fixed income / Cash : 
No limit

Management fee

Management fee: 0.40% on Net Assets and 5% on Performance, whenever the performance is higher than the returns of the Spanish Government Treasury Bills 

Custodian fee: 0.10% on Performance

Subscription fee:  none

Redemption or Switch fee: none